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Tacoma Community College

Tacoma Community College (TCC) is a community college located in Tacoma, Washington. The college also has satellite operations in Gig Harbor and the Tacoma Mall. It mainly serves the city of Tacoma and the Pierce County.

The college is recognized as a spirited leader in emphasizing student learning. That is achieved through the collective dedication and recognition of the college. 64% of TCC's student body are female students, and 22% are older than 40. And 43% of the students are also part-time students. This shows the diversity of the college, which leads to an extraordinary college experience. Tacoma Community College is accredited by The Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

Tacoma Community College initially opened its doors for the students in 1965. It was one of 34 community and technical colleges in the state of Washington. The students at TCC are helped by more than 140 local business professionals. The business professionals serve as advisors for Tacoma Community College's 46 programs of study. They ensure that TCC always provides relevant instruction to its students.

Several of the fields Tacoma Community College promotes are: Accounting, Logistics, Health, Business, Health Information Management, Information Technology, Office Work, Human Services, Medical Office and Para educator training. TCC provides program-relevant instruction and outstanding services to its students.

The many diverse student interests at Tacoma Community College are reflected by the student clubs and organizations. TCC clubs and organizations offer the students opportunities to seek improved educational opportunities, to volunteer, and meet new people. As student interests develop or change, students are allowed to form new clubs and organizations throughout the academic year.

The Tacoma Community College's sports teams are called The Titans. They are a growing force in the Northwest Athletic Association of Community Colleges. TCC Men's Basketball has won 7 NWAACC Championships and 14 Western Regional Championships. Students at Tacoma Community College can choose between 6 intercollegiate sports programs:

- Men's baseball
- Men's basketball
- Women's basketball
- Men's soccer
- Women's soccer
- Women's volleyball

Tacoma Community College is a member of the Northwest Athletic Association of Community Colleges, which is the largest multi-state organization of its type in the nation.

Athletic scholarships are also available in all sports in the form of tuition waivers and student jobs. Tacoma Community College academically supports every one of its student athletes.

Students who have decided to start their college education by earning an associate degree at Tacoma Community College can attend a transfer program if they want to acquire a bachelor's degree. The transfer programs are carefully designed to let the student satisfy general degree requirements at most 4-year schools, while giving the student a solid grounding in the concepts, terms, and practical applications of their specific discipline. Tacoma Community College offers many different college transfer programs, from Accounting, Biology and Engineering, to Architecture, Sociology and Zoology.

It's very important for students considering transferring to plan ahead and carefully choose their classes. They should speak with an advisor at their chosen transfer school as soon as they decide where they want to go after TCC.

Tacoma Community College has also a few other interesting programs to offer its students. One of them is the Online Classes program. Students that require flexible study hours while they work off campus can choose to attend the college's online classes. This program is divided into 3 different programs the Full online classes program, with classes delivered only through the internet, the Hybrid online classes program, which delivers some of the classes on campus and some of the classes online, and the Web enhanced classes program, which is basically an on campus program with some content enhanced over the internet.

Tacoma Community College offers work study positions on- and off-campus as a way to lower the tuition costs whenever it is possible. However, those positions are limited. The students can work as technical support, tutors and teaching assistants, food service, and campus facilities workers.

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